Veteran Benefits Guide Statement on PACT Act

February 13, 2023

VBG Does Not Offer Services Around PACT Act Claims, Because They Do Not Require a Benefits Guide Company Supports Efforts to Crack Down on PACT Act-Related Fraud

Las Vegas, Nevada – Veteran Benefits Guide (VBG), a leading provider of guidance to veterans in navigating the Veterans Administration’s (VA) disability compensation benefits process, today released the following statement on the Sergeant First Class Heath Robinson Honoring our Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxins Act (PACT Act), which was enacted by Congress last year and is now being implemented by the VA:

“As a company dedicated to helping Veterans facing health impacts resulting from their service, Veteran Benefits Guide (VBG) welcomed the passage last year of the PACT Act, which expanded the universe of disability benefits for Veterans. However, VBG does not offer services to Veterans concerning PACT Act claims, because these claims are now automatically entitled to compensation.”

“The PACT Act essentially created more than twenty “presumptive” conditions for burn pits, Agent Orange, and other toxic exposures, and also added more presumptive-exposure locations. This means that for Veterans with certain conditions, such as active cancer or respiratory illness, who served in certain locations, the Veterans Administration (VA) will now automatically presume that the Veteran’s service caused their condition and they are entitled to disability compensation.

“Under these PACT Act-specific circumstances, where a claim will almost always lead to a 100% disability rating, there is simply no need for the intensive step-by-step guidance provided by VBG. VBG only contracts with a Veteran when we believe we can get a better outcome for them than if they tried to navigate the claims process by themselves or through a Veterans Service Organization.

“VBG also supports efforts by legislators to crack down on unscrupulous companies and law firms that engage in PACT Act-related fraud, selling unnecessary services or otherwise over-charging Veterans seeking to receive benefits they have earned. VBG urges Veterans to report suspected instances of fraud by calling the VA’s OIG Hotline at 800-488-8244 or submitting a complaint form here

About Veteran Benefits Guide

Veteran Benefits Guide was founded in 2015 by former United States Marine Joshua Smith. After his honorable discharge, Josh was employed by the Veteran Benefits Administration (VA) as a Rating Veteran Service Representative (Rater), where he witnessed firsthand that the VA’s methods were inefficient and flawed. Josh and his wife, Lauren, then created Veteran Benefits Guide (VBG) to ensure that Veterans receive the correct disability benefits in a timely manner.

Since its founding, VBG has guided more than 30,000 veterans through the VA’s disability benefits process, helping them to receive favorable decisions. By increasing efficiency and expediency around the benefits process, VBG is also reducing unnecessary paperwork and helping alleviate the VA’s case backlog. VBG has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Learn more at

Lisa Kalkes
Chief Marketing Officer