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A Proven Process That Produces Results.
Veteran Benefits Guide (VBG) honors Veterans by offering a guided, straightforward path to obtaining the benefits they’ve earned. Our case managers have been trained by former VA personnel, and they understand what’s required to get an accurate disability rating and maximum benefits in a timely manner. Veterans who work with us receive, on average, an increase in monthly benefits of $1,300.

Our team guides you through the whole process

It starts with our knowledgeable case managers

Our case managers have been trained by former VA personnel, and they guide you through the entire process. We will be by your side until the VA issues a rating decision letter, then we will review it for accuracy. If it’s not accurate, we will discuss your options with you.

We focus on quality
over quantity

VBG contracts with third-party networks of independent, medical service providers to conduct medical exams.

VBG's provider credentialing protocols mirror the VA’s credentialing process, and our network of independent medical service providers take the time to ensure your exam is as accurate as possible, which leads to more accurate ratings. The VA’s compensation and pension (C&P) exam tends to focus on quantity and reducing their backlog of claims, which can lead to rushed, less accurate exams. VBG focuses on quality over quantity.

Our approach is Tailored
to your needs

VBG ensures accuracy and completeness of each client’s exams and claims.

Rather than pursuing large volumes of applications, VBG focuses on the individual Veteran and their unique needs. This helps expedite claim reviews, avoids the likelihood of further appeals, reduces the VA backlog by cutting back on VA paperwork and labor needs, saves taxpayer dollars and ultimately increases Veterans' satisfaction with the VA.

We prioritize each Veteran and their best interests

Our company is built around our commitment to serving Veterans.

As a private sector option, VGB provides Veterans with an independent service that works outside of the VA and nonprofit space. We guide you through the process rather than acting as an agent or representative. Additionally, the Veteran files their own comprehensive and thorough claim, which avoids the mistake-prone C&P process.

Our fee only applies after Veterans get their benefits

A success-based, Veteran-forward fee model.

VBG is paid a one-time fee only after the Veteran receives an increase to their benefit. If the benefit doesn’t change, there's no fee. This one-time fee represents just a small percentage of increase in benefits that the Veteran may receive.

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Check out frequently asked questions about VBG and our process.

Why choose VBG?

VBG has helped more than 35,000 Veterans file their VA disability claims since 2015. More than 70% of our Veterans have already tried the free options or tried on their own. Despite those efforts, 9 out of 10 Veterans who use VBG’s services receive an increase in their rating. More than 100,000 Veterans receive the wrong disability rating from the VA, and VBG was created specifically to correct those errors. Let our independent provider network, case managers and claims team take the confusion out of the equation to make sure you file your claim correctly the first time.

Can I walk in, or do I need an appointment?

In order to provide you with the highest level of customer service and ensure the availability of our trained staff, appointments are strongly recommended, but VBG does accommodate walk-ins. You can visit us at our locations in San Diego and Las Vegas.

Is there a charge?

Unlike many of our competitors, VBG doesn’t charge any upfront fees, so VBG’s services are risk free. However, if you receive a favorable decision from the VA, there will be a one-time fee assessed as outlined in the terms of our client service agreement. Veterans are not charged if they don’t receive an increase in their VA disability compensation benefits.

Here’s What Other Veterans
Have to Say About VBG

Our process continues to earn high honors from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and others.
This reflects our steadfast commitment to every Veteran. We also have a perfect 5-star rating on Google from thousands of reviews from satisfied clients.

VETERAN BENEFITS GUIDE is professional, fast and on your side!

Deciding to work with Veteran Benefits guide was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Big thank you goes out to my case worker. She was a huge help in me increasing my VA claim and was a pleasure to work with. The process from start to finish was quick and efficient. I'm extremely happy with the quality of service I received while working with Veteran Benefits Guide. I could not imagine working through this process on my own. VETERAN BENEFITS GUIDE is professional, fast and on your side!

Roger ‘Doc’ Loesch –
USAF, Retired

Veteran Benefits Guide made the entire process so simple and smooth.

Working with VA claims can be difficult and confusing sometimes. I knew I wanted to work on my disability claims but gave up on it many times. Veteran Benefits Guide made the entire process so simple and smooth. Everyone I interacted with in the company worked hard to make me feel comfortable and relaxed. I would recommend their services to any veteran looking to get help with their claims.

Sara Vogt – USAF Veteran